We provide Airfreight Consolidation Services in order to minimize the airfreight cost to our clients. Airfreight consolidation is one of the most efficient methods to make shipment by air extremely cost effective. As long as there is no urgency in the shipment, clients can make use of our Airfreight Consolidation Services and avail the best rates for shipment.

Special Services

Upon request of the expatriates and for their own cost, we can take care of:

Import Brokerage

Zee tee express acts as customs clearance for Import and Exports.

Freight Management Services

We strive to understand each client´s individual needs and requirements. We offer our Dedicated Freight Management Services in order to streamline varies operations, to maximize the efficiency of the entire workflow and to reduce costs wherever possible. We interact with various other service providers in our network so that we become your single point of contact for all your shipment needs.