Conforming to custom clearance procedures is extremely important for the smooth transit of consignments through different air or sea ports. Even small irregularities in the documentation can lead to seizure of goods and unnecessary delays in the port.

We offer customs clearance and brokerage services to help you have a trouble-free shipping experience. Our rich industrial experience and thorough understanding of the international shipping industry helps us to execute this complex task flawlessly. With our expertise at your disposal, you will not only save time, effort and money on each shipment, but also maintain a very cordial relationship with the concerned government agencies as well.

General freight forwarding

As one of the most established “International Freight Forwarders” in the Asian region, we have a wide network of shipping companies to enable us to get your cargo to its destination safely and on time. Our close association with the local companies in each region helps us to offer you the best prices in the industry.